Radical truck designs by Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani is a Swiss-German industrial designer known for the rounded, organic forms found in his designs. Colani has been designing since the 1950s, but of particular interest are his recent spectacular truck designs that include viciously angled fronts, wind skirts over the tires and circular windscreen wipers. Based on a Mercedes platform, the current version features a 6-cylinder, 4-valve diesel engine with direct injection, turbocharging, charge air cooling, 12.6L cylinder capacity and engine performance from 381 hp to 530 hp.

I had never heard of Colani before, but after seeing this post I realised that I had actually seen one of his creations in person last year. The two photos for this post are ones (see the second after the jump) I took in Vienna in June. Head to this page for more photos of his exotic creations.

[Source: Hybrid Car News]

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