Altair NanoTechnologies ships first 10 batteries to Phoenix Motorcars

Altair Nanotechnologies has attracted a lot of attention in recent months for the claims they have made about their new ceramic nano-material based lithium battery technology. The first committed customer for the NanoSafe battery is Phoenix Motorcars and this week they received the first ten Altair NanoSafe batteries. The units that have been shipped are the 35 kWh units that should provide the Phoenix SUT with a 130 mile range. Altair also claims that the batteries can be charged in ten minutes if a 480V industrial charging station is used. When charging from 110V or 220V outlets, charging still takes several hours. The ten batteries fulfill a $750,000 order, and Phoenix has also ordered one additional battery which is supposed to be shaped later this week.


[Source: Altair NanoTechnologies via GreenCarCongress]

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