Ferrari offers HGT-S pack for 612 Scaglietti

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a bit of an oddity. The lackluster styling doesn't evocatively portray the heart-pounding performance, and despite the car's expansive length, it handles as nimbly as a car several feet shorter. But while the 612's incongruity might not win it as many fans as its peerless dynamics may warrant, it's still an Italian GT – one of the best, in fact. And there's few things we like better than improving on that formula. To that effect, Maranello is now offering the HGT-S package.

Ferrari has a bit of a recent history in offering these packages, having offered the GTC handling pack on the 575 M – the two-seater front-engine GT that preceded the 599 GTB and which shared the 612's epic V12. The 575 GTC mainly improved the suspension and brakes, while the 612 HGT-S focuses on the exhaust, suspension and transmission.

The exhaust valves open as low as 3000 rpm, which gives the benefit of a freer-flowing system through more of the range – considering the redline doesn't come until 8000 rpm – while reportedly producing a more enjoyable exhaust note. The adaptive active suspension benefits from a revised control system. And the F1A clutchless transmission gets updated software, bringing shift times down to a blink of an eye at just 150 milliseconds. There are also 19-inch wheels and the brake calipers are treated to bright yellow paint.

While none of the improvements in the 612 HGT-S much address the disappointing styling issues, they do manage to make a nearly flawlessly dynamic sports tourer even better, moving it even further ahead of the competition as the vehicle of choice for cross-continental jaunts.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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