Eulogy for the Pacer - a memorial tribute to organ-donating AMCs

While it is perhaps not terribly far-fetched to think that there are folks who like the Pacer, this just seems like an unhealthy attachement. In the process of keeping his own very fine looking '76 alive, Curt Uhrin felt guilty about just stripping bits off those cars that gave their lives so that his may live on. Guilty enough, in fact, to create a website devoted to keeping their memories alive. Curt took pictures of the junkyard cars as they lay in state and wrote wistful descriptions that make us want to go cuddle their rounded little fenders and restore them to their AMC funk-shack glory daze.
While the Pacer wasn't a bad car, per se, it was really uniquely styled. This was probably the car's most off-putting feature, as the running gear was pretty solid stuff.. Enough time has passed to make this once hideous car look almost cool. Kind of like E.T. -- so homely it's cute. One thing is for sure, AMC lovers definitely have underdog complexes, and what better underdog to love than one that's not only quirky (all AMCs are quirky), but pug-faced, to boot?

[Source: Hemmings]

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