VW diesels soon to be a scarce commodity

Those of you who've been threatening to pick up a new diesel-powered Jetta at your local VW outlet better get on point soon, as the last of the 2006 models are either hitting, or about to hit, dealers in the coming weeks. When the last Jetta TDI rolls off the lot, we won't see another until the spring of 2008.

The yearlong wait is due to the testing and development of VW's new 2-liter, common-rail, high-pressure, fuel-injection setup, which will be available in all 50 states. Until then, the only diesel-powered consumer vehicle will be the Mercedes-Benz E320 diesel lovers in the U.S. will have to drop the coin on the Toureg V10 TDI or the Mercedes-Benz E320, ML 320, GL 320 and R 320.

Although Volkswagen doesn't have a breakdown of how many Jettas come equipped with an oil-burner, most dealers claim that about a quarter of all Jettas sold are of the TDI variety. With an EPA rating of 34/45, that's no surprise, even with the recent decline in gas prices.

When the new Jetta diesel arrives at dealers in 2008, expect a price premium of about $1,000 over its petrol-powered counterpart.

[Source: Automotive News -– Sub. Req.]

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