Galleries of the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest entries

Every year Peugeot holds a design challenge inviting the best and brightest automotive artists to conjure a vehicle for the future. This year's theme is "P.L.E.A.S.E. Innovate", which corresponds to six features the winning entry should exhibit: Pleasurable (to drive), Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, and Ecological. This year there are 30 projects that are in the running and we've assembled them all for your perusal in high-res galleries after the jump. If you like wild concepts that have no respect for reality, then you'll be in heaven below the fold. You can also vote for your favorite concept here.

Since the whole challenge is being sponsored by the XBOX 360, the winning project will not only be on display in full scale at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, it will also be playable in a yet-to-be-named video game for the XBOX 360.

Follow the jump to see high-resolution galleries of each entry.

[Source: Peugeot Concours Design]

2007 Peugeot Design Contest entries

X-Lite Concept

Coaster Concept

TIMES Concept

Hi-Tech Concept

AIRE Concept


Windoz Concept

Erectus Concept

MiawaoO Concept

Ustuminki Concept

Hydrox Concept

e-Motion Concept

Allscape Concept

Cougar Concept

Peugster Concept

PLAIRE Concept

FLUX Concept

Venom Concept

Honey-B Concept

Speedlite Concept

N Jooy Concept

Ridon Concept

RIDE Concept

SHARE Concept

Mistral Concept

Moodif Concept

CUB Concept

Concept LiiON

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