Baby Benz B: Coming to America?

It's no great revelation that Mercedes-Benz has long projected itself as a premium automotive brand in the United States, where the three-pointed star is recognized as a badge of luxury. The American market has also been a driving force in Mercedes' development and marketing of large, gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicles. The same can't be said for overseas markets, where Mercedes offers small cars (as well as commercial vehicles), and where Benz taxicabs are a common sight.

But according to the latest reports, DaimlerChrysler's approach towards the American market may see a change as the demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient cars increases. Currently, the C-Class holds up the bottom of the US range for Mercedes; Canadian buyers can buy the B-Class; and overseas the A-Class is offered a notch above the Smart ForTwo.

Having already introduced the B in Canada, bringing it southward into the United States would be a logical move. It's undoubtedly a delicate move for Mercedes as the company tries to gain market share as demands shift, all the while trying to avoid over-diluting the brand.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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