Texas biodiesel efforts continue despite controversy over pollution

GeoGreen Fuels is producing about 8,000 gallons of soybean-based biodiesel each day. Future plans called for 10 plants across Texas, processing numerous sources of energy. The state is primed for biodiesel with a central location and plenty of agriculture byproducts that can be used to make the fuel. In fact, Texas is already the nation's second-largest biodiesel producer behind Iowa.
The only problem is that the Texas environmental regulators are concerned about NOx emissions with biofuels. An EPA study shows increases but the biodiesel community says other studies find no such issues.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is giving biodiesel producers until the end of next year to prove the fuel can meet state air-quality standards. Biodiesel producers are in limbo, however, as investments may stall until approval is given.

Catch-22: there are chemicals that can lower NOx, but the producers say the additives will boost the costs. Looks like the conflicting studies need to be resolved in a hurry.

[Source: Brett Clanton / Houston Chronicle]

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