Smart has announced, yet again, that they'll be debuting their new fortwo in Detroit next month. Our heart rate remains... unchanged. And word that a cabrio version of DC's city car is on its way doesn't come as much of a surprise either.
However, what does escalate our pulse is the possibility of Brabus hotting-up the fortwo with a 110 HP motor that would allow the misshapen jellybean to crest the century mark when given enough tarmac. Throw in some suspension tuning and a few other go-fast bits, and it has the potential having the best ratio of fun per square foot then any other super-sub-compact out there.

Expect the drop top to drop into dealers in the spring of 2007, although there's no word yet on whether the Brabus-tuned version will make it to North American consumers.

[Source: Autowereld]

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