Check this video out - it's great. You get to take a walk-around of the XC60 concept with Volvo design chief Steve Mattin. We're not so sure about the enlarged Iron symbol. The old Alchemists' shorthand for iron has been on Volvos in a more proportionate and tasteful way since the dawn of the brand. It looks a little overly emphasized here, kinda like that monstrous Cadillac crest on the ' Slade, or the really big Blue Oval on the teeny tailgate of the Ranger.

We really like the trick tailgate, though, and the interior is beautiful. We're not sure how that much white leather would hold up in regular use, but it looks great teamed with the center stack that glows from within. They must've been watching Tron when they designed this thing.

It's great hearing that the lines of the XC60 are a hint of where the styling of the Volvo brand is headed, and that they're working hard to add more bombast to Volvo vehicles. Let's hope they can find the balance between the traditional Scandinavian design strong points and butching it up a bit. Volvo design has sure come a long way from the boxy days of not too long ago, and their progress has been remarkably quick. There's nary a squared-off edge in sight on any of their models, and they still retain familial cues after having gone all swoopy on us.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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