Camaro Convertible preview... exactly what you'd expect

Early next month, when GM opens up their stand at the Detroit Auto Show, expect to see a concept version of the new Camaro Convertible front and center. While the Camaro's debut at last year's show was a surprise, there are leaks aplenty surrounding the 'vert.
So, while it wont exactly be a shocker when it appears, it'll still have our tongues wagging. The Car Connection, who has the story, mentions that when the Coupe finally bows, we can expect to see 6- and 8-cylinder (obviously) versions. We've heard juicy rumors from inside sources about a potential horsepower figure beginning with "5" for the top-of-the-line Z28/SS/whatever-they'll-name-it. This would make complete sense since the Shelby GT500 dishes out as much, and the Camaro will need to be able to run with (or past) the pony to keep the base happy.

In the meantime, we're counting down the days to January 7, when we'll (hopefully) get to see the purported convertible in person.

[Source: the Car Connection]

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