RR of the Day: '71 Toyota Celica

We've been champing at the bit for close to a week to induct this particular Toyota into our RR of the Day and when the owner finally came through with the details we decided to make an attempt at giving this week a theme: 70s and 80s Japanese coupes. So, if you've got a two-door from the Land of the Rising Sun, follow the directions after the jump to submit your ride to our Flickr pool.

In 1971, Toyota decided to bless our shores with the Celica, originally powered by the 1.9-liter 8R engine and fitted with twin Solex carbs. The current owner, Koich, received the Celica with a later model's fuel injected 22RC motor, but decided that a more potent swap was in order.

After the vehicle was completely stripped, Koich and his two friends, Andy Vang and Andy Reyes, went to town, fabricating a slew of components to fit an F20C from a Honda S2000. The original ECU was ditched in favor of an AEM unit and the S2000's electronic gauge cluster was nestled into the dash with a minimum of modifications. The slicker-than-snot tranny had its final gear replaced and the driveshaft was cut down to size and balanced.

Underneath the three-decade young body, Koich replaced all the suspension components with aftermarket pieces produced by Techno Toy Tuning. The original stoppers were swapped out with cross-drilled rotors and squeezed by Wilwood calipers, in order to cope with the added oomph.

Inside, a ten-point cage was installed, which caused the ejection of the rear seats, while up front, a duo of Sparco buckets keep Koich and his pals firmly in place when he decides to let the two-liter mill scream into the upper reaches of the rev range.

Koich admits that the current suspension doesn't lend itself to track day hoonage, but with the addition of some stickier tires and few geometrical adjustments, we can only image how much fun could be had.

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