RINSPEED debuting open-wheel eXasis in Geneva

Rinspeed, the Swiss firm known for organically-styled flights of fancy, as well as tuning less fanciful cars, will roll out a jet-fighter of a car at the Geneva Auto Show in March. The eXasis is the name of this little speed capsule, constructed out of translucent high-tech plastic. The seating is not unlike an old warbird, and transparency signifies the process of bringing a car to life. Being able to look through the outer skin brings you closer to the thoughts, ideas and engineering that went into the machine as a whole, not just the exterior styling.

One of the best angles to see the eXasis is the rear 3/4 view, where you can get a glimpse of the juiced-up 750cc, 150 horsepower engine that burns bioethanol. The fan you can see peeking out from underneath the strakes of the grille gives a nice industrial touch that makes the eXasis look ready for action. The little two-cylinder mill with the big horsepower number is only saddled with 5kg/horsepower, putting it in Porsche territory. There's lots of flowery prose about the concept of the eXasis at the Rinspeed website, and we can't wait to see how it'll look in the flesh plastic. We're pretty sure that it won't pass any kind of FMVSS rigors as it is, but we'd sure dig watching the road scream by under our feet, through the translucent floor.

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[Source: Rinspeed]

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