Chrysler sells a version of the 300 in Europe equipped with a Mercedes 3.0L V-6 diesel. So far the 300 CRD has proved remarkably popular, particularly in Britain where gas prices currently hover around $6.50 per US gallon. Unlike almost any American car over here, used diesel 300s are going for prices above the list for a new model. Glass's Guide which is a guide to resale prices in Britain lists the suggested price for a 2006 300 diesel with 9,000 miles £27,500 ($54,130) compared to an MSRP of £26,250 ($51,700). If Chrysler could get these kinds of prices in this country, there would certainly be no suggestion from DCX shareholders about dumping the group. Chrysler really needs to offer diesel V-6 here in the Dodge Magnum which recently has seen it's sales go through the floor.

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