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Spy Shots: Dodge "JC49" Crossover

You never know what you'll see while sitting high up in a tree. Case in point is this crossover from Dodge that KGP photographers caught while, um... rescuing a kitten. Known internally as the "JC49", this CUV based on the Dodge Avenger/Chrysler Sebring platform is news to us. Apparently it's meant to take on such vehicles as the Ford Edge and Toyota Highlander in the marketplace, which we suppose there's room for in Dodge's lineup considering most of its utility vehicles are of the truck-based "Sport" variety. Only the Caliber stands out as being based on a unibody platform, so something larger with a smooth ride and decent mileage could do well in Dodge's lineup.
It's a little hard to tell if the JC49 has three rows of seating, but from its profile we can see there appears to be room for an extra bench. While the description from KGP claims that the styling follows traditional Dodge styling cues, we don't really see them. The exposed metal on the vehicle's side is very clean and reminds us of the Acura MDX. The front end, though heavily masked, does show a Dodge "crosshair" grille, but not an upright, in-your-face one that we see on on so many Dodge's. This one appears to be shaped like a shield and raked back quite a bit.

What's more surprising is the price at which KGP claims this vehicle may start. According to them, the JC49 could go for as low as $20,000, probably equipped with a four-cylinder engine. That would certainly overlap with a well-optioned Caliber in the marketplace and, quite frankly, seems a little low for such a large vehicle.

[Source: Winding Road]

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