Chrysler doesn't think you're "Of The Year" material

As some of you may have heard, TIME magazine just named its Person of the Year. Or rather, Persons of the Year. In what some have labeled a big cop out, TIME named you as its POTY. Bush, Angelina, Rumsfeld, Mel Gibson, Obama, Hillary, Schumacher, we can think of dozens of people who might have deserved the title this year. But the folks at TIME decided to honor the common man (and woman) instead.

The official statement goes something like this. Rather than any one person who might have been responsible for shaping the world over the course of the past 365 days, TIME chose to recognize the growth of the real people in control of the new information age, you, me, them, us. Citing the growing importance of sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, and MySpace (obviously an oversight in omitting Autoblog), they chose to honor all of us who have reinvented the way news travels. The whole Web 2.0 thing.

As newsworthy as that may be, it doesn't directly relate to the automotive world unless you consider AB's place in that field. But there IS a connection. If you click through to view the online version of TIME magazine and follow the link to the POTY story, a Chrysler ad splashes across the screen before you reach the article. Perhaps expecting TIME to follow form and award the honor to an individual (or at best a small group), the Chrysler ad begins, "You might not be TIME person of the year." Oh really, we thought we were. Open mouth, insert Hemi here.

[Source: TIME via Daily Klos]

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