Automakers respond to California greenhouse gases lawsuit

Back in September California Attorney General Bill Lockyer opened the latest front in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. He filed a lawsuit against the major automakers for causing a public nuisance. The legal grounds for the lawsuit are definitely questionable, although the approach is definitely a creative response by the state given the limitations they have in legislating such pollution. Lawyers for the automakers have now filed an official response with the court to the suit. The car-makers have asked a federal judge to dismiss the suit on the grounds that the suit has no legitimate origins in the law, it's frivolous, and that the suit cause untold damage to the regulatory system and economy. Lawyer Theodore J. Boutros says the issue needs to be addressed by Congress, not the state of California. The car-makers state that the products meet all current regulations and the state of California itself owns 37,000 vehicles and builds roads that encourage people to drive.

[Source: Detroit News]

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