SuperGen supercharger improves diesel efficiency

SuperGen, a new electro-mechanical supercharger technology jointly developed by automotive engineering specialist Integral Powertrain and transmission technology company NexxtDrive, is designed to improve on existing turbo diesel theory. The variable-speed, electrically-controlled supercharger design uses an advanced gearing system that can accurately vary the speed of the turbo compressor from zero up to 150 times crank speed.
High powered, large turbos are inefficient at low speed when the exhaust gas flow rate falls. This leads to turbo lag and the tendency for drivers to hold the gearbox in a lower gear to keep the engine speed up, which in turn leads to higher emissions. The SuperGen system is designed to run alongside a conventional turbocharger, allowing its rapid acceleration to deliver boost at low engine speed for lag-free responsiveness. The turbo then takes over at higher revs as the SuperGen fades out.

Additional boost from the SuperGen system, which can be provided on demand regardless of engine speed, can be used to optimize Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ERG) performance for lowering NOx emissions. Exhaust Gas Recirculation adds exhaust gases to the cylinder which reduces oxygen availability. This in turn reduces the temperature of combustion resulting in the creation of nitrogen oxides being minimized. Conventional turbo technology has found it difficult to achieve peak performance with EGR, particularly where high peak power is required.

[Source: Autopresspoint]

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