Union Pacific searching for cleaner locomotive breath

Union Pacific, the railroad company, announced yesterday that an experimental after market diesel engine filter will be tested on a 1982 locomotive over the next year in the company's Oakland rail yards. The filter was retrofitted onto the 1,500 horsepower locomotive and works by using "high-temperature silicon carbide blocks to trap particulate matter in the exhaust. As gases containing the carbon particles accumulate, the device periodically heats the carbon, causing it to ignite and burn off as carbon dioxide."

The locomotive was tested according to EPA standard before and after the filter was installed and when using standard and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). In some cases, particulate emissions were 80 percent lower with the filter in place.

You can read the company's press release here and see before and after pictures of the locomotive after the jump.

[Source: Union Pacific Railroad]



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