Mazda3 D Sport adds diesel to hot hatch

As much as we love the new Mazdaspeed3 and pray that we might find one in our garage soon, we know that for much of the world this 263-hp mini monster just isn't very practical. The base Mazda3 is a much better option for most, and even the diesel version makes more sense for a lot of customers, Europeans in particular. But knowing that the turbo terror is out there can make even the most devoted diesel fanboys want a little more than the 108-hp oilburner Mazda offers at the moment. Well, there is some good news to report on that front.

Mazda is apparently readying a 143-hp version of the diesel 3, to be dubbed D Sport when it shows up in European dealerships next Spring. With the additional power and Mazda's slick six-speed shifter, 0-60 sprints should drop by almost 3 seconds (8.5 versus 11.3) and the car's top end should go up to 130 mph (a 15 mph gain). This comes at just the right time, as Mazda will see new competition from a 175-hp Renaultsport M├ęgane and a 180-hp version of the new Toyota Auris. Although down on power a bit still, the 55 mpg this thing promises will likely best the rivals by a good margin.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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