Experts say brewing your own soydiesel may be hazardous to your health

Farmers with a soybean extruder to make hog feed may have an itch to squeeze a little oil to make biodiesel. But those unfamiliar with the production process risk blowing up the farm, say soydiesel experts. Soydiesel requires a chemical reaction using methanol, which is toxic and highly explosive. Other necessary chemicals such as sodium/potassium hydroxides can cause chemical burns. Experts also caution about the quality of the fuel produced as different fatty acid chains will perform differently in diesel engines. Experts also have suggestions for those buying soydiesel, such as getting info on the fuel's cloud point, pour point and cold filter plug point. Biodiesel has a place on the farm, they say, but brewing your own has its risks.
[Source: Stu Ellis / U. of Illinois Farm Gate via]

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