eBay Find of the Day: TVR Cerbera Speed 12

In 2000, British car maker TVR set out to dethrone the McLaren F1 from atop the automotive performance kingdom. Their weapon? The Cerbera Speed 12. With a 7-liter engine shoved into its 1,000 kilo frame, TVR was talking about an estimated top speed near 240 MPH. An attempt to determine the car's horsepower ended with a busted dyno. Estimates at the time put horsepower output somewhere around 960 HP. Peter Wheeler, owner of TVR until 2004, took the car home only to return it saying it wasn't drivable on the street due to its powerful engine and development of the Speed 12 was canceled soon after.

But three years ago, TVR pulled all the pieces together to make one Speed 12 and sold it to someone rich enough and bold enough to pass TVR's interview process. The new owner then worked with TVR to finish the car and, according to the eBay listing, trimmed the weight down even further through the use of titanium and carbon fiber.

After 32 bids early Wednesday morning, the going price is £150,000, or about $296,000. A tremendous bargain at twice the price, which, during the eBay auction's remaining three days, it is likely to reach. This is one beast of a car, and is unfortunately likely to end up a museum piece. While it can hardly be described as gorgeous, it's easy to respect a car this raw and powerful.

Thanks Steve for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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