This is a total flight of fancy on our part, but we'd love to see a new iteration of the SHO. Since the Taurus is dead, perhaps Ford could follow the naming model of the GT supercar and just call it the SHO. The 500 is built on the P2 platform, which underpins the Volvo S80, S60, V70 and XC90 and 70, as well as the Ford Freestyle. The new 3.5 liter V6 may be in the offing for it, but we've got something even more bitchin' in mind. Since it's already been developed for the platform, it should be quite a cinch to slide that 4.4 liter V8 from the XC90 into the 500's engine bay. Hook it up to the AWD system from the S60R and make it manual-only to pay homage to the original SHO.

More wishful thinking after the jump.

We've done some rudimentary Photoshopping to an image of the 500 to show off the type of subtle exterior tweaks we think would be perfect for an SHO revival. You don't want to be too conspicuous, but just a little visual distinction serves to separate the car from it's lesser brethren, and signal to those in the know that this one packs a wallop. It also would help it look decidedly badass from across a parking lot, something that the current 500 doesn't do. We had fun tinting the headlight lenses, but we think it'd look even better if they were fitted with projector beams or HIDs of some sort. The revised grille is deeper, but not so different that you draw undue attention from the constabulary.

Using the S60R's AWD system is key, 300-plus horsepower is just plain wrong to send exclusively to the front wheels. The AWD can put it down and make use of it. It'd also quell torque steer. Rather than use the fancy "4-C" suspension on the new SHO, a well-tuned conventional system would probably be better. We're thinking we'd like to see the yellow bodies of Bilstein dampers under there, to go along with the requesite revised spring rates. A nice interior (set the F150 guys loose on it) upgrade would seal the deal. Swipe the S60's sport seats, they're awesome.

Sure, it might give up a little bit to an M5, but it would give an M3 a run for it's money, while carrying a whole lot more stuff. Of course, this'd make for one expensive 500, but it'd be great fun to go whip some ass with a "lowly" Ford. That's just what made the SHO so endearing.

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