DCX to lay off up to 4,000 truck builders

We aren't sure whether or not laid off employees will get the same express checkout list of 6 six reasons why they aren't needed anymore, as was the case with their Ford brethren, but DaimlerChrysler has said that up to 3,200 additional North American workers will join the 800 in Canada who will be laid off in March 2007.
Because of a foreseen reduction in demand for their medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as many as 4,000 workers will be shown the door. DCX is expecting demand for its largest trucks to fall by as much as 39 percent in 2007 -- a dramatic dropoff, to say the least.

To help reinvigorate their its truckbusiness, DaimlerChrysler is developing a new heavy-duty Detroit Diesel powerplant that will replace all of the current large truck offerings with a single, more fuel-efficient (by 5-8%) and presumably cheaper-to-produce engine.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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