Russian tuners turn toward next project: a "varnished" Hot Rod pickup

Remember that awesome Volga Roadster from a few months ago, the BMW 6-Series rebody that looked like a Ford 49 concept car? Well, the guys who did that custom rod are at it again. This time they have turned their attention to an old Soviet truck. It might not sound as sexy as the Russian Fisker alternative, but let us explain.

The old Soviet GAZ-51 truck is an icon in Russia. These trucks have been around since the dawn of man and although they never stood out as a design leader, a hot rod based on one would be very cool and very Russian. Using a Cadillac Escalade EXT as a starting point, the Pemespiba team from Moscow will slap on a GAZ-51 cabin and build a wooden bed "from a varnished tree" (did they varnish the wood while it was still growing roots or after they cut the tree down?). If they can put it together with even half the style and workmanship of the V8 Roadster, it should be stunning.

Another sketch and pics of the build can be found after the jump.


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