Paul Pearson finished this diamond in the rough just a couple days before the show, and now he wants to see if it's street legal. A longtime fan of sprint cars, Pearson was adamant about building a vehicle "that didn't look like a golf cart." In his day job, Pearson runs a shop that builds movie props, so he has the equipment to fabricate the sturdy, race-style frame.

"Living in LA, I wanted to make sure it was something that could take a hit," he said of the structure.

Pearson learned to build cars before getting his driver's license, working for famed movie-car builder George Barris. He helped with such TV icons as the Monkeymobile, the early Batmobiles and Kitt.

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Power for his sprint car comes from golf-cart motor and drive axle, although he has rewired the motor for more power. Six 12-volt batteries supply the juice. The car is fully wired with lights and brakes (front disc, rear drum). The body is based on a USAC midget sprint car. Top speed is around 50 mph but Pearson isn't sure he can get away from a NEV classification.

"I'm going to load it up on a trailer and take it to CHP and ask, 'what do I need?' That's why I haven't painted the frame because they may have some welding or design issues," said Pearson.

I just wonder when Pearson will install a World of Outlaws wing. That would be a really cool location for a solar panel!

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