Though I attended the 2007 LA Auto Show, like you I wasn't present in the room when a pair of environmentalists from Global Exchange sauntered on stage at the end of Rick Wagoner's keynote address and asked the surpised CEO of General Motors to sign a pledge to make his company the most fuel efficient in the world by 2010. Damon was present, but didn't have the handy cam on (tsk, tsk). I didn't fret, because I knew it would only be a matter of time before the official video hit the web, and it has.

Go ahead and let it load, then skip to 23:00 to see some environmental guerilla warfare. What makes the move these guys particularly epic is the fact that you're not sure when the stunt begins. The man that grabs the mic at the end plays the whole MC role so convincingly that you think it's his job to send the Ricker off with a handshake and a wave. He deserves a Supporting Actor nod for his role in Wagoner, Interrupted.

[Source: Google Video]

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