The 2006 L.A. Auto Show had only been officially open to the press for an hour before all hell broke loose at the show's keynote speech given by General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner. Despite GM's laundry list of green related announcements and reveals this morning, two protestors from Global Exchange stormed the stage during his speech and demanded he sign a big cardboard contract that said the following:

I (RICK WAGONER) CEO of General Motors hereby pledge to make GM the most efficient automotive company in the industry by 2010.

According to Chris Paukert at Winding Road, Wagoner's response was that his speech commited General Motors to that very thing. Other reports say that after the initial stun of seeing people on stage who weren't supposed to be there, Wagoner was smooth and handled the hiccup with grace.

The video above shows the one of the protestors, Mike Hudema, having a healthy debate with Don Fuller from MAWG who also contributes to Kelley Blue Book. Hudema started the discussion by claiming that GM should not have "killed the electric car" because there was a demand for it. Fuller disagrees... repeatedly, over and over again.

[Source: Winding Road]

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