Recycled tires make Dad's baby bag easier to handle

Not all of us on the AB team have kids, but all of us know somebody who does. For the dad's in the group, toting around a diaper bag with duckies and bunnies is out of the question. Anything that screams of Mr. Mom is the last thing you want. Here's a bag we think you might be able to carry around with your machismo intact. It's made out of recycled tires, inner tubes, and HEMP!

Designed by Angela Greene for Richmond, Virginia based Passchal, the bag was inspired by a female customer who wanted a baby bag for her husband to use. "As I was designing it, I thought that the buckles, grommets, rivets gave it a Harley look," explained Greene to Reuters. The resulting "Dad's baby bag" is made from recycled inner tubes, trimmed with hemp, and features a battery-operated light to help find things inside.

Ken Kobrick, owner of Passchal, explained how the company uses old inner tubes from Virginia and other nearby states and then puts them through a thorough cleaning process, which is necessary when dealing with a product that will carry baby related items. The rubber spends three days soaking in cleansing solution to rid it of contaminants. The bag measures 16 x 11 x 5, is waterproof, has lots of extra pockets, a seatbelt-like strap and retails for $175. Act now and you might get in on the special holiday pricing of just $119.

[Source: Reuters]

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