Monsanto introduces biodiesel shuttle buses to St. Louis HQ

Say what you want about agribusiness giant Monsanto, they're willing to put their money where their GMO crops are. Monsanto's world headquarters in St. Louis is now home to three biodiesel shuttles. The new B20 buses are smaller and will get three more miles per gallon and save the company 20 percent in fuel costs.
To get to yesterday's announcement that the shuttles are now in operation took almost a year and a half of work between Monsanto and the National Biodiesel Board (Monsanto is a member of the NBB). Monsanto research services manager Kevin Mclean and soybean project manager Beth Calabotta are behind the plan, which was conceived in July 2005. Monsanto says its shuttle leasing company was initially hesitant to make the fuel switch, but agreed after figuring out how to take car of the biofuel the correct way.

Earlier this year, Monsanto officials made a pledge to continue work on biofuels, including ethanol and biodiesel.

[Source: Monsanto Company]

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