Lotus Sport Exige Cup sells out

When we attended the " unveiling" of the Lotus Sport Exige Cup in LA, the thought of knocking over a bank, Heat-style, briefly crossed our minds. With an MSRP set at $86,490 and blogger's budget, it was clear that opposite lock shenanigans up at Thunderhill in the Exige were totally out of reach. Well, for those of you who could actually afford such a physics-twisting whip, you'll have to wait too.

Edmunds' Inside Line got word that the 30 Sport Exige Cups bound for the U.S. have already been sold, with no more on the way until 2008.

The supercharged, 252 HP track-day special is likely the purest expression of Mr. Chapman's "add lightness" philosophy, donning all the prerequisite safety equipment, corner carving suspension goodies, plus air jacks, yet still comes in at just a supermodel above one ton.

We'll keep waiting and maybe pick up some scratchers across the street.

[Source: Inside Line]

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