Henry Ford and Santa conspire on new book

Here's a gift idea for the holidays that will give children a look into the early days of the automotive industry. This book provides interesting insight on just how children can teach adults to follow their dreams while learning some history about Ford Motor Company and how it all began.

The modern day automotive assembly line was pioneered by Henry Ford in the early 1900's, giving him the ability to build an inexpensive, mass-produced Model T. Could his inspiration have come from Santa's elves? After all, they make toys for millions of children each year of seemingly good quality and always just in time for Christmas. It also seems that Santa always gives everyone what they want, not what he thinks they want. Wow, maybe auto manufacturers should have been listening to Santa all along?

Written by Michigan 7th grade teacher Carol Hagen and illustrated by Matt Faulkner, The Night Henry Ford Met Santa ponders this amusing idea. Henry's young son, Edsel proposes that Henry write Santa a letter to see how he handles toy production. Just to amuse Edsel, Henry writes the letter and is personally invited to the North Pole to see first hand how it is done. Henry learns some valuable lessons from the experience and develops them into furthering his dream.

The book also features an author's note that gives some interesting information about Henry Ford and the Model T and is available from the Henry Ford Museum bookstore as well as Amazon.com. It's published by Sleeping Bear Press.

[Source: Lansing City Pulse]

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