Got scent strips? Bus shelters don't anymore

Wow, those cookies disappeared quickly. Just a day after adding scent strips to bus shelter advertisements, the "Got Milk?" people pulled them down. The new San Francisco campaign used several bus shelters with scented adhesive strips exuding the aroma of freshly baked cookies. The strips are similar to the ones most of us know from magazine advertisements for perfume or cologne. It was believed that these were the first outdoor use of such technology.
But as quickly as they appeared, the ads have gone away. Apparently there was some concern about food and scent allergies, and a lack of respect for the hungry and homeless, and therefore the strips were promptly removed. They were part of a campaign by the California Milk Processor Board, creators of the famous "Got Milk?" ads and their milk mustaches that have graced celebrity upper lips for 13 years.

Bad enough to be stuck using public transportation, but to have to endure the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that you can't locate and devour, now that's plain rude.

[Source: Reuters]

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