RR of the Day - 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

Where have all the Corrados gone? They debuted in 1990 here in the US and instantly earned a place on many a teenage boy's "must have someday" list. Volkswagen's profit was in the toilet in the early 1990s, and the Corrado was heavier and more expensive than its' beloved Scirocco forebear, and thus not as successful. Volkswagen's legendary reliability (or lack thereof) didn't help the cause, either. They're definitely a handsome design, and their relative scarcity means you won't pass yourself multiple times a day. Flickr member xxlost_causexx's silver Corrado is a great example of how clean and striking the design is.

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Yes, we know that the Corrado was later fitted with the VR6, but the model was introduced with 4-cylinder power. The G60 in the model designation refers to the G-Lader supercharger that VW equipped the Corrado with until they finally relented and went DSM hunting with the VR6 stuffed between the strut towers. There's tons of potential in these cars, as they share many common bits with VW and Audi platforms and the engines respond well to modifications.

xxlost_causexx has only had one eensy-weensy little problem with his Corrado. While the reputation of the model as a whole is not one of reliability, The trivial fix for this Corrado was significant engine work after the heater core failed and took the motor along for the ride. Piece of cake! Other than that, it's been just dandy. The Mini wheels look right at home on the Corrado, like they were just born there, like how the cream gets in a Twinkie. Seeing a Corrado in our Flickr pool certainly brings us back to younger days when we thought it would be so cool to own it when we were old...you know, like 20. I mean, it's even got that trick spoiler that pops up at speed, how cool is that?

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