Ferrari flamb in the UK

The world will not miss another red Ferrari. Don't misunderstand, watching your car, any car burn to the ground is an awful experience. Not only that, Ferrari is arguably the exotic brand of choice for good reason. Sonorous engines, sumptuous interiors, often handsome (sometimes hideous) styling, ridiculous and thrilling performance capabilities, the list goes on.
It's just that this may be part of a bigger cosmic plan to weed out the red Ferraris and replace them with less common hues. Perhaps it's ennui with seeing red on cars carrying the Prancing Horse that leads us to this ho-hum response? Either way, this sucks. According to, the 360 depicted here simply burst into flames on a busy roadway in Southampton earlier this week. Thankfully, nobody was inside, and based on eyewitness reports, we understand that the light show was popcorn-worthy.


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