Automoblox unveils limited edition C9R and S9R

Here we have another Autoblog scoop of a smaller but no less important nature than the Toyota Tundra Crew Max photo we brought you earlier. Patrick Calello, the founder and principle designer of Automoblox, has released to us exclusive images of his next line of heirloom quality toy cars. Dubbed the R-Line, this division of Automoblox will eventually pump out "high performance" versions of current models, like the C9R shown above and the S9R after the jump. Just like Mercedes-Benz has AMG and BMW boasts of an M-division, Automoblox now has the R-Line. What distinguishes the R-line from standard Automoblox models is the addition of go-fast goodies like a deck spoiler, chin spoiler, rear diffuser, and side skirts, all made out of polycarbonate plastic and finished to look like carbon fiber. The wheels will also be larger than stock rims and be wrapped in lower profile rubber. Unfortunately, the R-Line won't be available before mid-2007, so if you were planning on stocking your Christmas tree with Automoblox toys, you can either go for the full set of standard cars or nab the l imited edition C9p sports car in pink.

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