Automoblox C9p introduces Daddy's little girl to autos

You know what the fashionistas say, pink is the new black. Or is that black is the new black? Whatev. The point is that pink's a hot color. In fact, many of us with kids that lack a Y chromosome (read: daughters) are treated daily to the sight of Barbies with pink hot pants, Hello Kitty notebooks with pink covers and, perish the thought, diapers with pink waistbands. So it's obviously important to expose our impressionable young daughters to car culture as early as possible if we ever hope to raise the next Danica Patrick, Kathryn Legge or Ashley Force, and the best way to do that is to bring together their favorite color and your biggest passion. Automoblox does just that with its new limited edition pink sportscar, the C9p. It's just like the Automoblox heirloom toys we showed last year, except for the pink plastic greenhouse and pink rubber wheels. Fortunately it's not the hot pink that tends to scar the retinas, but rather a muted, subtler shade that's easy on the eyes. Little ladies, start your imaginary engines.

[Source: Automoblox]

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