KBB announces 2007 Best Resale Value Awards

It's the oldest criticism of buying new versus used – drive that fresh-from-the-factory 2007 model off the dealer lot and instantly chuck 5 - 10% of your investment right out the window. The minute its front wheels touch Main Street USA your brand new car becomes used. This is why resale value is so important, as most vehicles only retain about 35% of their value after five years according to Kelley Blue Book.
KBB has just announced the winners of its 2007 Best Resale Value Awards, which should help shoppers make a more informed decision when looking for a car that will hold its value. Keep in mind, however, that these awards are given to 2007 models, the value of which over time is just being projected by KBB, so there are no guarantees.

Follow the jump to learn which models age with the most grace and remain highly valued.

[Source: KBB.com]

The list is populated for the most part by brands and models you'd expect. Honda and Acura have vehicles that hold their value best as a brand, and of the ten categories these two brands account for four spots (sedan: Acura TSX, coupe: Honda Civic, sporty utility: Acura MDX, van/minivan: Honda Odyssey). BMW manages to pick up three spots total thanks to the MINI Cooper projecting the best resale value among both convertibles and hatchbacks, while the BMW 5-Series is the value retention leader among luxury vehicles. Toyota earned category awards for pickups (Toyota Tacoma) and hybrids (Toyota Prius). Finally VeeDub's Passat Wagon landed atop the wagon category.

The only domestic model you'll find any list is the Pontiac Solstice, which was chosen as one of KBB's Top 10 Models for Best Resale Value. You can check out the rest of that list below along with all the winners chosen.

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