LA Auto Show: Live shots of Cadillac's ritzy Platinum Series

Many of you demanded live shots of Cadillac's premium Platinum Series of vehicles that include the XLR, STS and DTS, and we are but your humble servants. Shown here is each vehicle on the show floor, with the XLR and its attractive Liquid Amethyst paint job being the obvious ringleader. Extra chrome trim has been liberally applied to each model along with bespoke wheels and interiors that are above and beyond standard Cadillac innards but not up to the standards set by the "Cut and Sew" interior offered on the SRX. We'll echo Alex's sentiment that this level of luxury should come standard on every Cadillac, but it's good to know the brand can walk a runway when it wants to.


XLR Platinum Series

DTS Platinum Series

STS Platinum Series

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