Heard of regenerative braking? How about regenerative sailing?

We've showcased marine technology concepts that involve solar, wind and electric power. But here's a production boat with twin electric motors, and the company says it will make the powertrain optional on other models. The Lagoon 440 is a fully appointed French catamaran sailboat with a half-million-dollar price tag. The electric motors turn at 900 to 1,110 rpm for efficient cruising when needed. A small diesel-powered 22-kW generator charges 144-volt battery pack. With a good breeze in its sails, the electric motors are turned by the props being dragged through the water; hence the motors turn into generators to charge the battery pack, much like braking in a hybrid vehicle recharges the battery. Extra power can be used for the ship's appliances or sail winches. Here is the future of sailing that is not a concept.

[Source: Tom Dove / Sail]

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