Biofuel plant news: new plants in Illinois, Wisconsin and Tess Valley, UK

Pretty soon, the list of places that don't have a biofuel plant is going to be shorter than the list of places that do. This is overall a fairly good thing, but it makes keeping up with the biofuel plant news a constant job. Here is news of three new plants (or possible plants) that were announced in the last few days.
Over in Town of Sharon, Wisconsin, Global Renewable LLC wants to build an ethanol plant that can produce between 105 and 120 million gallons a year, staring in October 2008. The plant will use about 38 million bushels of corn a year and employ about 55 workers.

Heading a little bit south, in the area near Altamont, Illinois, the US BioEnergy company has acquired options to buy land. US BioEnergy wants to build a 100 million gallon a year plant somewhere, and Altamont is one possibility. Wherever it's built, the plant will use 36 million bushels of corn a year and employ 40+ people.

Over in Tess Valley, England, a large ethanol plant that uses wheat to make around 400 million liters a year was announced by Ensus. Ensus will build a number of ethanol plants in Europe, and the Tess Valley plant is the first. Tess Valley is home to a number of other green energy facilities, including a biodiesel plant. We don't hear much about ethanol in Europe, in part because of the large number of diesel engines there, but here's to replacing every last drop of dinojuice with biofuel.

[Source: Global Renewable LLC, US BioEnergy Corporation, Renew Tess Valley Limited]

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