Treehugger interviews Plug-in Partners Campaign Coordinator Roger Duncan

With official plug-in hybrids (PHEV) looking more and more likely, one group to thank is Plug-in Partners. The organization, founded in Austin, Texas in August, 2005, has been heavily promoting PHEVs to the government, the auto industry and to individuals (perhaps you remember ex-CIA head R. James Woolsey's appearance in "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Woolsey is a spokesman for Plug-in Partners).

Another member of the Plug-in Partner organization is Roger Duncan, who serves as the Campaign Coordinator. Duncan's role is to bring the different sides of the group together, by taking, say, the online petition that individuals have signed to the automakers to show them that there is customer support for PHEVs. Treehugger got a hold of Duncan and has a lengthy interview with him here.

Duncan (along with two other PHEV proponents) reveals a few nuggets worth repeating here if you don't want click over. First, PHEVs would "require a deep discharge of their batteries, whereas fully electric cars don't need to discharge the batteries as much." Andy Frank, also part of the interview, says that he believes PHEV will remain the "ultimate end game" for the remainder of the century [for automakers]. Lastly, Plug-in Partners is "engaged in discussions with Google, but I'm not at liberty to offer any details today." (see more on Google's PHEV here)

[Source: Eckhart Beatty / Treehugger]

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