Imperial College London get engineering and business students working on Formula Zero

The engineering and business schools at Imperial College London in England are cooperating a program called EnVision 2010, that brings together students from two groups to help train them better for the world they will enter after school. Their biggest project within this is called Imperial Hybrid Racing, in which they will design, build, and race a hybrid electric fuel cell race car. That part of the program sounds much like the student design competitions run by the Society of Automotive Engineers, such as Formula SAE, Baja SAE, SuperMileage and others.

The Imperial College program goes beyond that by adding MBA students into the mix to help evaluate the marketing possibilities for a green racing team, and the application of the new technologies that emerge from the competition to production environments. The engineering students will be designing the car, control software for the drive and braking systems, and undertaking construction and testing before competition. They'll be working within the rules created by the FIA for Formula Zero.

[Source: Imperial College London]

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