The truth about keeping watch over a "dying" General Motors

How do you keep watch over a dying company? Ask The Truth About Cars. They're convinced that General Motors is going the way of the dodo and has an ongoing series chronicling the mistakes the company is making on the way down. This week marked Death Watch 100, in which Robert Farago details Rick Wagoner's response, in an interview with Automotive News, to the fact that Toyota is closing in on GM's spot as the world's largest automaker. Farago writes that, "the CEO stopped making sense and started talking to himself," and then has the rambling transcript of Wagoner's response.
Even though GM may be introducing some cool new models next year (see previous post), but it's not in question that the company is in trouble. But I think that 100 "Death Watch" posts means that The Truth About Cars may need to rework the title. Because 100 of anything implies at least some life left, right? Maybe not much, but GM's not going away in a hurry.

Anyway, you can read all of Death Watch 100 here. It's worth it.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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