Diabolical directions: How to make a left in Moscow and other interesting intersections

Every city in the world has at least one intersection that its residents avoid at all costs. My commute back in college, for instance, included a seven-way intersection that contained no right angles. We can all thank our lucky stars, however, that we don't live in Moscow and have to make a left turn from Rosanov Street onto Khoroshev to get where we're going. In order to complete the manuever a driver must go through approximately nine right turns and two left turns that involve swirling around, under and through various other intersections (follow the red arrows above). The sad part is that when you sally up to the initial intersection that marks the starting line of your adventure, Khoroshev is just one little left and a small traffic violation away. Tack on an extra 15 minutes, however, if you want to make a left within the bounds of Russian law. The Rosanov/Khoroshev intersection is just one of many crazy crossroads that are compiled on this wikipedia page. Here's hoping you don't encounter one on your way home from Grandma's house this weekend.

[Source: Thrillingwonder.blogspot.com]

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