UK cops can now fingerprint on the fly

Cops in the UK are being armed with a new weapon that can take a suspect's fingerprints on the fly and instantly compare them with a database of 6.5 million prints on file. The goal is to reduce the number of false identities given during roadside stops by "suspect drivers". 4Car reports that about 60% of suspect drivers give false identification when they're stopped by authorities. The technology will also allow police to identify innocent travels who don't match suspects being sought, thereby reducing the time imposed on those who were just unlucky enough to be caught in the crosshairs of the law. The initial pilot project, called Lantern, is being run in Bedfordshire, whose force was given 10 units to try out. While fingerprints taken during traffic stops reportedly won't be held for future use, civil rights groups are still wary that the new devices will take Britain one step closer to a national database of all motorists' fingerprints.
[Source: 4Car]

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