VIDEO: Porsche GT3 at Spa

So we'll go from the mildly ridiculous to the absolutely sublime. The Panda Sport, with its whopping 100 HP, is certainly a compact runabout we'd like to see Stateside, but watching it spend time on the tarmac is akin to a dachshund running around a greyhound track.

As if the Porsche 911 GT3 RS needed any more promotion, the ass-engined junkies of Stuttgart put together a beautiful piece of hi-def cinema, starring the GT3 in its natural environment. If the sound of a 3.6-liter flat six isn't enough to make the Panda tremble in its tires, we're sure the RS' 415 HP and 8,400 RPM redline will cause the lil' hatch to scurry of the track, pissing coolant.

We can't embed the video here, so follow the 'read' link for the clip.

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