Chery shows off a hybrid at the Beijing motor show

Prospective Chrysler partner Chery Automobile has unveiled their first hybrid model at the Beijing International Auto Exhibition. Based on the Google translation of the press release, the A5ISG (yet another model name that rolls right off the tongue!) is a parallel hybrid, with a 1.3L four cylinder gas engine, permanent magnet motor and batteries. Presumably, the 519 MT is a manual gearbox.

The car also seems to utilize regenerative braking, and can run on the batteries at up to 25 mph. The car can also use the battery power at higher speeds to boost performance. Chery was one of the first "independent" car makers to start up in China without a joint-venture with an established maker from elsewhere. That of course doesn't mean that they haven't relied on others for their designs (just ask GM about the QQ) so it wouldn't be surprising to find a couple of Priuses torn down at Chery's design center.

[Source: Chery Automobile via Google language tools]

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