Undercover work is tricky, difficult and sometimes dangerous. We imagine keeping your identity secret is one of the more challenging parts of the job. So if you're gonna try to infiltrate a bunch of street racers, might we suggest first taking a car other than your police cruiser? That's the only (by which we mean the least unlikely, and therefore humorous) explanation we can think of for what happened recently in Philadelphia where a cop was caught on tape drag racing on Philly streets. If it wasn't a poorly thought out scheme to get in good with the bunch of no-good NOS noshers, the cop is quite lucky his car is unidentifiable in the video.

WPVI-CBS in Philadelphia obtained the footage (ie found it on YouTube) and took it to the Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross who called the images disturbing. That interview can be seen here.

What we think is disturbing is that at no point does anyone, not even YouTube user streetoutlzant, who posted the original video, say who won the race. Our money's on the cop. Come on. Who's gonna intentionally outrun the fuzz in an illegal street race? The Philadelphia police department asks anyone with information about this incident to call them. We ask you to call us first. We really want, no, need, to know who won. There's a fresh bottle riding on it.

[Source: WPVI-TV via Toyota Nation]

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