Hollywood celebrities cheap out on hybrid Lexus at charity auction

Apparently not all Hollywood celebrities are as enamored with environmentally friendly cars as Ed Begley. In spite of the retail back orders for the Lexus GS450h, most of the attendees at a recent charity fund-raising auction declined to even bid on the one that Toyota donated for the event. In fact, out of more than 200 people at the event to raise money for environmental non-profit Oceana, only two even bothered to bid.
Assorted famous people like Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicholas Cage, Jason Priestley and Ted Danson turned up their noses at the $58,000 high performance hybrid sedan. Danson's manager, Keith Addis ended up with the car after bidding $54,000, $4,000 under list. In spite of the low ball bid on the Lexus, the group still managed to collect $483,000 for the evening. Maybe next time Toyota should pitch in a Prius instead, since the environmentalists might prefer it.

[Source: ForbesAutos.com via Nate Chapnick]

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